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Tommy Highland is a Stand-up Comic, a black-belt improviser, and a dynamic public speaker.  Tommy first became interested in comedy as a hobby in the fifth grade when he realized he could do goofy voices and noises and draw the attention of his fellow yutes.  It was as an adolescent that Tommy discovered the stage.  His first performance as a stand up -- in front of the highly critical Casa Grand, California High School population -- was a smash.  That, and the realization that some girls now thought he was dreamy, prompted Tommy to perform stand up at clubs and colleges.  However, real life set in, and Tommy needed to figure out a way to eat, so he became a carpenter - because, well, wood  is funny.  But the guffaws and giggles of a smoke-fill room of drunks soon beckoned him again.  After playing a number of  -- ahem --  dives, Tommy scored a fortuitous gig at the D.C. Improv (fortuitous not only because he actually got paid, but because he met the woman that would later become his wife, and of course, an inspiration for some truly good-natured jokes).  In 2003, back in California, Tommy abandoned stand up, and began studying improvisation at BATS Improv in San Francisco -- because frankly, making shit up is easier then writing comedy.


And remember that woman from the DC Improv?  Well, he married her, and she somehow convinced him to move to the east coast, start a contracting business, buy a house, and have two beautiful girls.  And one day he realized: I live in the suburbs; I am a carpenter; I have two kids; my wife yells a lot --  this shit is funny!  And Tommy added a career in laughter to his hectic life.  Because calling it a career change in your late thirties is better than calling it a midlife crisis. 


Nowadays, you can find Tommy hosting a really cool regular comedy show at Fergie’s  Pub in downtown Philly on the last Wednesday of every month.  He also performs as regularly as possible at Helium, the Laff House, the Raven Lounge and anywhere else he can find a crowd of able-bodied audience members, including private gigs for country clubs and national organizations.  His contracting business is currently on the market for sale (if you know anyone that wants to buy a perfectly good carpentry business) so that he can finally get down to what he was really made to do, make you laugh.


To book Tommy as a comic or a speaker, please contact him at 267-760-2400 or email .

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